Arts and Crafts for Children

There are many arts and crafts for children. Stimulating your child's creativity is an important part of their education. You can use arts and crafts to help your children develop their unique creative style. 

Art and Children's Development

There's a lot of positive things going on when children are in the creative process. We'll talk more about how arts and crafts for children develop communication skills, self-expression, emotional well-being, self-confidence, problem solving skills, social skills, creativity, coordination, fine motor skills, and much much more. 

What's the Difference Between Arts and Crafts?

Most people do not see any difference between arts and crafts, and there might not be a difference. But for the sake of putting our arts and crafts for children into different categories, I like this distinction. "A craftsman will have an idea about what he wants to actually make. In art, it is the emotions that flow out." (Difference Between Art and Craft)

When you're doing art projects, give your child a medium. You might suggest a few ideas to help them start creating. The focus will be on expressing themselves through art.

With crafts, you'll show your child what they are going to make. You still want to encourage unique expression through the making of crafts. Your child can imitate and copy the model, make adaptations to the model, or create their own unique design.

There are other times you might want your crafts to be uniform in shape, size, and color. For instance, if you're making decorations for your Christmas tree, you might want the ornaments to look similar. 

Easy Art Projects for Kids

Are you looking for something simple and easy for your children to do while you're busy? Check out our easy art projects for kids. Your children can do these art projects with little or no adult supervision. Most of these art projects take less than an hour. 

Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

We'll also share easy craft ideas. We'll do simple video tutorials to help your children learn how to create new crafts. We'll provide a list of supplies both on the website and at the beginning of each video tutorial. All you need to do is help your children gather supplies, turn on the video, and let your children create.

Crafts to Do with Kids

Unlike our easy craft ideas, these more complex crafts might need some adult supervision. Making crafts is a great way to spend quality time with your children. If your children love  crafts, set aside time each week to make crafts together.

Fun Art Projects for Kids

One of the reasons we love art is because art is fun. The end result is secondary to having fun. The process is more important than the product. We'll help you with artist prompts and activities, so you can have fun creating art.

Cool Art Projects for Kids

That looks sooo cool! So what can you create that looks super cool? What mediums can you use? How many different types of mediums can you use to create new art projects? Let's explore new awesomely cool art projects using different mediums!

Paper Mache

If you've never worked with paper mache, you're going to love it! If you can imagine it, you can build it with paper mache.  You can do very simple projects, but you can also do projects that are more complicated. We'll share some ideas about what you can do. Then pick a project that would work well for your child's interest and ability. If they are really interested in a project, they can usually do something that is a little above their level. It's okay to attempt these challenging projects.  Our first big paper mache project was a 12' paper mache jungle tree.

Fun Activities for Kids

Children don't always need to be making projects to have fun creating. Sometimes they play. We'll share creative play activities your children can do.

Your Arts and Crafts for Children Ideas

We would love to see what you're doing with your children. Children love to share their work with others. You can display their work at home, but you can also share it with us. Then everyone can see your children's creativity. 

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