Exercise for Kids

Adults call it working out. Exercise for kids is play! We all need to move our bodies every day. We feel better, we think better, and we act better when we exercise. You've got to keep the body active to prepare the mind for greatness. 

Fun Physical Activities

Keep it interesting and get creative. If you're looking for ideas that make exercise fun, we'll share a bunch of fun outdoor physical activities kids can do. If the weather isn't cooperating, no problem. There are fun indoor activities that will help keep your children active all year long. Kids love to play, and that's a great way to exercise. Experiment and try different physical activities with your children.

Physical Games for Kids

Playing physical games is another great way to get exercise. The focus is on the game, and the exercise just happens naturally. Some of the games can be played with a couple kids and some can be played with many kids. There are a lot of tag games for kids  and relay games for kids that will keep your family actively playing.  Learn as many games as you can. Run! Play! Enjoy!

How to Encourage Kids to Exercise

# 1  Set an example of an active healthy lifestyle. Get out and be active every day. Your children will most likely want to come along and imitate your lifestyle

# 2  Turn off the TV and video games. Excessive screen time can be one of the reasons kids do not exercise. It works well for our family to have screen time once a week. This is the night when the children can watch movies or play video games. 

# 3 Go on adventures together. Almost every adventure involves lots of exercise for kids. You'll also get a lot of exercise as you keep up with the young ones

# 4  Physical education is just as important as math, reading, writing, art, music, computer science, etc. Help your children experience a variety of ways to be active.

# 5 Do manual labor together. Work is a great exercise for kids, and you get a lot accomplished while working. Being able to work is a skill that will serve your children well throughout their lifetime.

# 6 Go outside and play! Have fun, fun, fun! This is the most natural exercise for kids. When the are actively playing, they are getting a lot of exercise.

Benefits of Exercise for Kids

Regular exercise has lots of health benefits for children and young people, such as:  

  • improving fitness
  • providing an opportunity to socialize
  • increasing concentration
  • improving academic scores
  • building a stronger heart, bones and healthier muscles
  • encouraging healthy growth and development
  • improving self-esteem
  • improving posture and balance
  • lowering stress
  • encouraging a better night's sleep ( source )