Fun Physical Activities for Kids

There are so many fun physical activities for kids. Keep it interesting and get creative. Do a variety of activities. Here are some great activities to keep your family active all year.  Remember when you were a child and everything was exciting. Be a child again and have fun with your kids. Being active will strengthen your body and enliven your soul. 

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Fun Physical Activities for Kids in Nature

Climb a tree and see the world from a different perspective. 

Hiking is a great adventure for everyone. The kids get to run, climb, slide, throw rocks, and enjoy the beauties of nature.

Horseback Riding is super fun and is a great way to spend time in nature. There are so many lessons learned when kids learn to ride horses. 

Scavenger Hunt. Make a list of 10-30 items that you might find in nature. Have the kids gather as many things as they can find from the list. 

Dirt and Mud are awesome. It's okay to let your kids get really dirty. They'll love it! The mud and dirt is an environment for super fun physical activities for kids.

Treasure Hunts are fun physical activities for kids. Use clues to lead your children from one location to another. You can make it simple for younger ones, or more challenging for older kids. You can even make up riddles that they need to solve. Or take pictures of different locations where the clues are hidden. For a small child, you might take a picture of the back door. For an older child, take a picture of the door knob on the back door. They can even make up treasure hunts for each other. A small prize or snack at the end of the hunt makes this activity super exciting. This is one of our favorite ways to find our birthday presents.

Fun Physical Activities for Kids at the Park

Catch. Take a baseball, softball, football, or frisbee to the park and play catch.

Free Play. Just let children run and play. Watch and see what games and activities they create. Nurture your children's creativity by exposing them to many different creative environments. 

Follow the Leader. One child gets to be the leader. The other children follow the leader through the park imitating the actions of the leader. Have them take turns being the leader. 

Obstacle Course. Use the park equipment to make an obstacle course. After the obstacle course is set, time each child to see how fast they can run the course. Have them compete against their own best time, so everyone can be a winner.

Splash Pad. A lot of parks are starting to put in splash pads. Running through a splash pad is a super fun activity on a hot summer day.

Fun Physical Activities for Kids in Water

There are so many fun physical activities for kids that you can do in the water. Try out these physical activities and get wet and wild. 

Swimming. Kids can swim in the canal, in the lake, or at the local swimming pool. 

Kayaking is simple, and it a great work-out for your arms. Kids can jump off their kayaks and go swimming. The bigger kids like to play king of the kayak and push each other off the paddle-board. There is a cliff jumping area where we kayak. Enjoy the video!

Sing and dance in the rain. After a long cold winter, it is so good to have the spring rain that bring everything to life again. Put on a rain coat or run outside in shorts and a t-shirt. Sing and dance and feel free.

Water Fights can happen almost anywhere. If mom and dad play, kids will have fun drenching their parents. Use water guns, buckets, hoses, wet sponges, etc. 

Run through the sprinklers and cool off. It is a very refreshing. Kids can continue to play outside as they dry off in the hot sun.

Water Skiing/Jet Skiing are fun physical activities for kids. If you don't own a boat or jet ski, you can rent one.  Unless you go boating a lot, it's more economical to rent your watercraft. Owning a boat can get expensive. 

Water Slide. Our kids love our 200 foot water slide and use it a lot. It was pretty simple to make. We dug a small ditch and lined it with old carpet and padding. We ran rebar through the casing of the some old billboards and staked it down. Then we put 10' wide roofing rubber over the top of the lining. We live on a hill, so the water slide naturally goes down hill. We mounded up dirt at the top to make it a little steeper. We built a small platform at the top of the slide and attached PVC pipe to the underside of the platform. We drilled holes in PVC pipe and hooked it to the hose. When the hose is turned on, water shoots out of the platform onto the slide. 

Slip and Slide You don't have to make a permanent water slide to have terrific fun slipping and sliding. You can lay out a piece of heavy duty plastic or buy an inexpensive Slip-n-Slide online. Make sure you take the plastic off the grass when you're done. It will kill the grass if it is left there for too long. 

Fun Cold Weather Activities

It is great to have four seasons, so we can enjoy all sorts of fun physical activities for kids.

Down Hill Skiing. Start them young and keep them skiing all winter. The kids love to ski. 

Cross Country Skiing is a great winter exercise.

Sledding. The kids are pulling out their snow-pants the first sign of snow. Sometimes they sled down the hill and sometimes we pull them on the 4-wheeler or snowmobile. 

Build a snowman or snow sculpture and play for hours in the snow. 

Snowball Fight. Build a snow fort and have a snowball fight. 

Snow Shoeing. Put on your snow shoes and hike all winter long.

Snowmobiling. Our older boys earned the money to buy their own snowmobiles. They love to spend their winters snowmobiling in the mountains. They way they snowmobile, it is a full-body workout.