Physical Games for Kids

Physical games for kids is a great way to exercise. Kids love it when Mom and Dad play games with them. It makes it so much more fun. With the focus on the game, exercise just comes naturally for the whole family. 

Physical Games for Kids to Play at the Park

Alligator Tag - Our children love to play this game when dad comes to the park with us. Dad is the alligator, and he is very fast. The children love the challenge of climbing and running so they don't get caught. The game ends when dad has tagged all of them. The love to play Alligator again and again.

Off the Ground Shark Tag- The ground is the ocean, and the safe zone is anywhere off the ground. You can only stay in the safe zone for 5 seconds, then you need to get back into the ocean. The games starts with one person being the shark. When someone gets tagged, they become a shark and help tag the others. The game ends when everyone has been tagged. The last person to get tagged becomes the next shark.

Jungle Gym Dodge Ball - For this game, you'll need to take some small soft bouncy balls to the park with you. One team is on the jungle gym and the other team is on the ground. When you hit someone from the other team with a ball, they are out. Teammates who are out can gather balls for their teammates that are still in the game. The games ends when everyone on one team is out. 

Pickleball and Tennis - Tennis and Pickleball are great physical games for kids. Pickleball is becoming very popular and is a mix between tennis and ping-pong. Here are the basic rules of pickleball

Games Needing Equipment

Here are some physical games for kids that require some basic equipment. Most of the equipment is pretty inexpensive. 

Animal Basketball - Choose the name of an animal: pig, horse, dragon, dinosaur, etc. The first player shoots a basket from anywhere on the court. If the first player misses the basket, the next player shoots a basket from anywhere on the court. When a player makes a basket, each player must shoot for the basket from that same place on the court. Any of the players who miss get a letter added to their animal of choice. The game continues until one player has spelled the entire name of the animal.

You can all use the same animal name, or you can use the names of different animals. To help even out the game, you can have skilled shooters choose animals with short names and unskilled shooters choose animals with longer names.

Badminton - It is a lot fun of for beginners to start playing badminton by learning to hit the birdie across the net. When the players get good at that, you can play the 

Tetherball - One player serves the ball in the direction of choice. The receiving player back in the opposite direction. The object is to hit the ball until it wraps completely around the pole. 

Tug of War - Each team holds on the rope and pulls in opposite direction.  There are three markers on the rope. There is a center marker and a marker on each side that's 5'-10' feet away from the center. A team wins when they pull the other team across the center line.