Relay Games for Kids

Relay games for kids can be played almost anywhere. They are great for parties and events. If there's only a couple of kids, they can still play these relay games. Kids don't even need to race against each other to have tons of fun.

If you want to make the relay cooperative instead of competitive, have the children race against the stop watch. Have them work together to see if they can improve their time.

Almost anything can be turned into fun relay games for kids. Use everyday items and get creative. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

10 Fun Relay Games for Kids

Beach Ball Relays

Supplies: Beach Balls

Beach Ball Bounce: While holding the beach ball between their legs, players hop to the finish line.

Team Beach Ball: Without using their hands, two players hold a beach ball between them. Both players must be touching the beach ball at all times. Together they run to the turning point and back without dropping the ball. If the beach ball falls to the ground, they need to return to the starting point and start it again. 

Flour Spoon Relay

Supplies: spoons, cups, flour

The object of this game is to have the kids fill one level cup with flour. The first player holds a spoon with their teeth and scoops up a spoonful of flour without touch the spoon. They go to the cup at the other end and dump their flour into their teams cup. They run back and tag the next person in line, and the next player goes. They continue carrying flour to their team's cup until their cup is full. 

Frog Leap Turtle Relay

Supplies: To participate in this relay the children need to have the strength to jump over another child that is crouched low to the ground.

The object of this relay games for kids is to have the entire team of frogs and turtles cross the finish line.

  • Pretending to be a turtle, player #1 crouches down on the ground.
  • Pretending to be a frog, player #2 jumps over player #1. Player #2 then takes one giant step and turns into a turtle by crouches down in front of player #1.
  • Player #3 then jumps over player #1 and then jumps over player #2. Player #3 then takes one giant step and crouches down in front of player #2.
  • This continues until all of the players have jumped and are crouching down like turtles.
  • Player #1 then gets up and jumps over each of then turtle teammates before crouching down like a turtle. 
  • Player #2 then gets up and jumps over each of the turtles. This continues until all of the frogs and turtles are across the finish line.

Getting Dressed Relay

Supplies: Choose clothing that the children can put on over their clothes. You can use hats, boots, belts, vests, baggy pants, etc. Have a pile of clothing for each team. If you're doing a themed party, the clothes can go along with the theme. 

Each player goes to three locations in this relay. Player #1 begins at point A and runs to point B and puts on the clothes. Player #1 then runs to point C and takes off the clothes before running back to point A. Player #2 runs from point A to point C and puts on the clothes and then runs to point B and takes off the clothes. It switches back and forth like this until all the players have had a turn. 

Walking Bucket Relay

Supplies: Two buckets for each team

Players put a bucket on each foot and run to the finish line. They can hold on to the handles of the buckets or shuffle along. When they get back the next player runs the course. This continues until all the players have had a turn.

Gunny Sack Relay

Supplies: pillow cases or gunny sacks

In this relay games for kids each child is going to get into their sack and jump to the finish line. If you don't have enough sacks, the children can take turns jumping to and from the turning point.

Hula Hoop Chain Relay

Supplies: Hula Hoops 

The children are connected in a chain by holding hula hoops between them. Have them run an obstacle course as a group without letting go of the hula hoops. 

Three Legged Relay

Supplies: something to tie the kid's ankles together. 

Tie the right ankle of one child to the left ankle of the second child. Have them race to the finish line. This is a great way to learn to work together as a team.

Wheelbarrow Relay

Supplies: none

One child holds the feet of the second child while the second child walks on their hands to the turning point. On the way back they switch positions, so they both have a chance to walk on their hands. This relay games for kids is a great way to build upper body strength. 

Water Relay

Supplies: water, sponges, and buckets

Water relay games for kids are great to play on a hot day. Have the children fill up a bucket of water and carry it on their head to the turning point. Have them dump their small bucket into a large bucket and race back to give the small bucket to the next player. To make it a little more challenging, have them go over obstacles while carrying a small bucket of water on their head. 

Variation: Instead of carrying small buckets on their head, have the kids carry wet sponges and wring them out into the larger bucket.