Tag Games for Kids

Set boundaries when playing tag games for kids. Everyone doesn't run the same speed. Kids not only need to be the fastest, but they need to also stay in the boundaries. If they go out of the boundary, it counts as being tagged.

Tag is an awesome way of getting a lot of exercise while having loads of fun. 

Fun Tag Games for Kids

Bandanna Tag - If you don't have bandannas, you can use dish towels, clothing, scarves, scraps of fabric, etc. Each player tucks their bandanna into their back pocket or waistband. Everyone is it, and everyone can get their bandanna captured.  Everyone runs around collecting as many bandannas as they can. The game ends when everyone's bandanna has been captured. 

Chain Tag - The game starts with one player being it. When someone gets tagged, they join hands with the tagger. The chain continueds to get longer until everyone has been tagged.

Dog Catcher Tag - One person is the Dog Catcher and one person is the Dog Lover Rescuer. The rest of the players are dogs. When a dog is tagged, they need to get down on their hands and knees and bark until the Dog Lover Rescuer frees them. The Dog Lover Rescuer frees them by having them do a dog trick (roll over, shake hands, speak, etc.) The dog is then free until the Dog Catcher tags them again. When a dog has been tagged three times, the game starts again with a new Dog Catcher and Dog Lover Rescuer.

Flour Sock Tag - This is one of our favorite tag games for kids It is a variation of paintball. Take some old socks and fill them with flour. Each player gets a sock full of flour. When a player gets hit, they go to the injured zone to be healed. They do some predetermined action before coming back to the game (go down the slide 3 times, climb to the top of the spider web, swing across the monkey bars, etc.)

Freeze Tag - One player is it. When a player is tagged, they stay frozen until another player crawls under their legs and frees them. When all the players are frozen, the last person to be frozen becomes the new it.

Marco Polo Crab Tag - (Land variation of water Marco Polo game) Make a smaller boundary with no obstacles for this tag game for kids. The sea monster is blindfolded and gets down on their hands and knees. They must crawl as they listen for the crabs to scurry around. The sea monster shouts, "Marco". The other players must shout back, "Polo". The players who are not blindfolded can only travel safely like crabs. Their hands and feet are on the ground with their belly up to the sky. They can stand up to move out of the way of the sea monster. But if the sea monster suspects someone is standing up, they can say "Man Crab!" If anyone is standing up, they are the new sea monster. If players find it too difficult to travel like crabs, they can jump like frogs, or some other variation.